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Amazing Service & Superior Hot cakes!

Seattle, meet delicious...

Our gourmet Savory or Sweet hotcakes batters are made from scratch daily,

 whipped to perfection, then generously poured into our

custom made waffle irons, cast in the shape of corn dogs.

As the batter begins to sizzle on the griddle, your hotcakes get stuffed end to end with

layers of fruits & berries or artisan meats and cheeses, then adorned with

locally sourced market fresh berries.

These sophisticated masterpieces arrive to plate

appropriately paired with perfectly sweetened sauces and syrups 

for the well trained and wild spirited guilty-pleasure palate. 

Yes! Things really do taste better on a stick! 

YES! The future of the on-a-stick world has forever advanced!

My Sweet Lil' Cakes offers made-to-order hotcakes

with vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options.

"No deep frying,

No eating greasy,

Made with love, that's easy-peasy!"


Made With Love  

My Sweet Lil' Cakes was launched into the 21st century by Jesse Lee Marshall and Sheena Fuson. They shared a dream of creating a brand new food.  With inspiration from Sheena, "Jess Jetson" blasted off to give 

a major facelift to a familiar old American classic, known as the corn dog. 

Practically overnight Jess and Sheena agreed on the obvious, they were in love, and they were in this Sweet Lil' Cakes thing together. They were eager to get their fresh, steaming-hot Sweetcakes into the hands  of hungry Seattelite's!

They became engaged and got down to the business of owning and operating a business together.

My Sweet Lil Cakes celebrated its Grand Opening on Valentines Day of 2013. It was launched with the help of an atomic-era-inspired trailer, affectionately called "Myra" in honor of Jesse Lee's grandmother.

And that, my friends, is when the real work began...

With a gorgeous food trailer, but no truck to haul it, a pay-by-the-day space was secured in a parking lot on Capitol Hill, at Melrose & Pine. That location became temporary home to My Sweet Lil' Cakes.

While paying to have batters transported from kitchen to trailer in ice chests each morning, 

Jess walked the half-mile during each shift to fill up gas cans and keep the generator running.

My Sweet Lil' cakes was open 9am to 3am, (yes, 18 hrs) frequently in the pouring rain, and often with a mere $75-$80 profit to show for the days effort. Jess and Sheena were building on their dream, doing what they loved and growing a business together. That meant showing up every day with all seven flavors, fresh flowers, creased aprons, and white uniforms. No exceptions. No excuses. 

Every caution ever given about mixing business with romance is true. In spite of being passionate and in love, starting a business means endless hours of hard work, no vacations, running on a shoe-string budget and fumes until you are run ragged. There is no sugar coating anywhere.

During 2014 Sheena returned to California to complete her degree and pursue an art career. 

Jesse's oldest son, Elijah Jakobi, stepped up and gravitated smoothly into a leadership role. My Sweet Lil' Cakes suddenly morphed into a family business. Elijah "Jakobi Jetson" became the first of many "Charmers" setting a high standard in customer service. Witty, well spoken and wingman to his co-Charmers, Jakobi led the way by demonstrating how to wow every customer with great food, service and style. 

The Jetson Bro - father/son duo spent countless hours refining brand details and defining company standards and culture. In 2016 they completed a course at UW Foster School of business, blazing the way for catering expansion, and future distribution possibilities. All along the way they have maintained stellar relations with event organizers, catering clients, and customers throughout the greater Seattle region.

My Sweet Lil' Cakes shines at catering to a growing clientele, especially in the

South Lake Union and Ballard neighborhoods.

They have accumulated numerous media accolades from outlets such as: 

The Seattle Times, Shark Tank, Food Network, BuzzFeed,

Evening Magazine, and many more.

In 2017 Sheena returned to Seattle to rejoin the mighty Sweetcakes team as a recipe consultant and operations lead. She claims she really "missed the food" (wink-wink) which is A-okay with Jess. He knows he must be doing something right when, "...a glamorous VIP travels hundreds of miles to get her hands on My Sweet Lil' Cakes!"  

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